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I'm @sstude, I'm a software developer. This is my blog where I post (sometimes :) notes about my dev life. Follow me on Twitter and don't hesitate to ask any questions or share any interesting ideas!

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How to improve frontend performance?

Have you ever asked that question? Well..I'm asking Google now. Last couple of weeks I was researching the web about this topic and may tell you that there are plenty of things you have to be aware of. How to even know that you have a poor... Read more →

New engine for this blog - Metalsmith - static site generator on NodeJS

A while ago I moved to a new blog engine for this blog. As you may know there are a lot of static site generators available today. The previous one I'd used was Octopress. Octopress is the very nice engine, it has a lot of features and could be... Read more →

This summer starts from HOTCODE conference

This summer has started from the hottest event I was attending last time. 5/31 .. 6/1 Kyiv was hosting the largest conference - HOTCODE Conference. It took two days and was great event with a lot of speakers and amazing talks. I can recall a lot of... Read more →

Full day of pair programming at #Coderetreat

You are sitting side by side with an unknown person. One laptop, one programming idea. All you need is the working algorith you are both familiar with. You make one little step by another. This man is looking to you, watching how you do write your... Read more →

Wanna JavaScript? First front-end developers conference #OdessaJS

One saturday's morning brought us very cool front-end dev conference #OdessaJS and I had visited it. BTW it took place in beautiful city I had never visited before so my interest was double motivated. Little thoughts about why we should visit such... Read more →

Hack your brain - 24 hours to make a working software

This year I was determined to be the participant of the hackathon. I heared a lot of positive feedback in the past and some of my friends participated also. So I just was waiting and checking all developers resources for this event. And this day has... Read more →

Login to ASP dot NET MVC application with Google account

Web applications today need to restrict an access to the parts (or maybe the whole) web pages. There are many reasons for this. And from time to time we are involved to the process where we need to implement it. Any time we want to implement this in... Read more →

The simple way to get fakes done

One week ago I gave another talk inside our company. This time I also was talking about unit testing, but from the other point of view. You can guess from the title of this post, that the talk was about fake objects in unit testing and the way we... Read more →

How to install Jekyll on Windows

Today I have a task to install Jekyll on my windows maschine. Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby, and Github is using Jekyll to build github:pages. I was interested to play with Jekyll a little bit, so I wanted it on my PC. I... Read more →

Production code without tests

I'm happy to announce that I gave my first technical talk inside my company. Some time ago, just before I went to my bed, the brilliant idea came to my head. That idea was to create some sort of seminars inside the company to share the knowledge... Read more →

Working effectively with legacy code

Today I want to talk about the legacy code. I think all of you know what is it and what kind of problems you can face during work with legacy code. Do you think that the legacy code is bad? Or good? There are at least two points of view. For... Read more →

Hello world

Trying to accomplish "Hello world!" with Octopress. Looks very good. Read more →