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I'm happy to announce that I gave my first technical talk inside my company.

Some time ago, just before I went to my bed, the brilliant idea came to my head. That idea was to create some sort of seminars inside the company to share the knowledge between the teams. (To be true I visited a lot of conferences and events before. They were in different companies and I saw how all these talks can make their best work. Of course I wanted the similar events to happen inside my company.)

We have a lot of smart guys, and girls of course :) So it is very interesting to share experience between us to make ourselves better. And just that night (: do you remember, why I mean night?) I picked my keyboard and wrote the email to the whole company with this idea. People started talking. A lot of organisation questions were mentioned. But after that some silence came into that thread. Some time later the first seminar was announced. I was really happy that we were able to start these talks.

That's all the history now :)

I decided to prepare the topic to share with people on the next (second) seminar and I started think what can I introduce. Fortunately I was reading the Michael Feathers' book "Working Effectively with Legacy Code" at that time. That was my choice.

Here are my slides for this talk from slideshare:

In three days I got 300+ visitors for my slides. That's very good I think.

I want to say that my first talk gave me a lot of experience and I definitely want more talks, more interesting topics and discussions :)

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