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Today I have a task to install Jekyll on my windows maschine.

Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby, and Github is using Jekyll to build github:pages. I was interested to play with Jekyll a little bit, so I wanted it on my PC.

I know, that you can find a lot of existing how-to's on the web with these instructions, but anyway, let me write some steps for you.

We need Ruby and Jekyll. Since I'm installing it on my PC now I will write simultaneously.

Ruby installer for windows can help us.

When we are done with Ruby, next thing is Ruby Development Kit. You can find it also on downloads page. Download and extract it to any directory you want (my is D:\ruby_install\DevKit).

Next step is to open your cmd and to type:

cd D:\ruby\_install\DevKit
ruby dk.rb init
ruby dk.rb install

Last step is to install Jekyll:

gem install jekyll

That's it - Jekyll is ready for you. Enjoy it.

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