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This year I was determined to be the participant of the hackathon. I heared a lot of positive feedback in the past and some of my friends participated also. So I just was waiting and checking all developers resources for this event.

And this day has come.

I think you should know what does hackathon mean, but here is the article from Wikipedia. So, the main goal is to spend 24 hours and produce software application. You are not required to use any specific platform, or programming language. This all about fun and all you need is to have fun with your favorite language and technologies you like.

My crazy non-stop day was dated to 30 - 31 of March. We were hosted by Ciklum company - the company that make a lot to support all kind of similar events. Particularly this one was in Kyev.

At the beginning we were asked to present the idea of the application we were going to hack and to find the team to work with. And we had started to work. I need to say that is very hard to be awake 24 hours but at the beginning I was thinking only about the product we were working on.

The idea of our application - is the mobile application to calculate diet for women that do fitness training. Client-side - is an iOS application that display calories-per-food grid and allows to select different kind of food but to care about the value of proteins, carbohydrates, etc. you are going to eat. Server-side - is the database with all these products and their values and the API to read / write the data.

Since I'm .NET developer I was working on server side. My task was to develop the service with RESTfull API to read and write data to database. Also to provide the web form to input all products and their values to the database.

It was a long night. We were working on the application like crazy. Time was going down. At some point we found that we needed a rest. Looking around I saw people gaming in SPS and XBox, another were playing guitar. It was creative night. We did all that we could to not fall asleep. But at the morning we just fell from weakness. Time to sleep.

Next day we completed the minimum to make the working application and prepared to demo. Unfortunately we did not won. Winners - Battle City game. These guys impelented the remote control for smartphones to play this game.

The main thing I had learned from the event is that people's potential is unlimited! We can do so amazing things! But we need to be pushed out of comfort zone - this will motivate and challenge us.

What about hackathone - it's was a good time. Time to have a fun during work and just communicating so many people in one place. All developers should take participation at least one time, I think.

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