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One saturday's morning brought us very cool front-end dev conference #OdessaJS and I had visited it. BTW it took place in beautiful city I had never visited before so my interest was double motivated.

Little thoughts about why we should visit such events. First of all we want new interesting content, new knowledge and speakers may have very interesting topics they wanna share with the audience. Next one - we can share our own experience on these events thru questions after the talk or additional discussions at the end. New people can give us a lot of interesting ideas we had never thought before. We need to know people from our industry and be able to talk to them.

There were two parallel sessions and I was not able to see all talks, but I had chosen the most important ones for myself: JavaScript scalable architecture, CoffeScript for beginners, talks about Backbone.js and Chaplin vs. Marionette - very interesting libraries to structure and develop JS applications., a lot of talks about JS unit-testing (libraries, infrastructure, continuous testing).

Front-end development has a lot of cool techniques and very interesting for me and I wish to be involved in this process much more than I have now. I met a lot of people that were excited to talk about JS and all practices they were using during the work.

I want to say thank you to organizers and wish them to continue gather people on such events. See you there!

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