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This summer has started from the hottest event I was attending last time. 5/31 .. 6/1 Kyiv was hosting the largest conference - HOTCODE Conference. It took two days and was great event with a lot of speakers and amazing talks. I can recall a lot of stages, such as .NET, JavaScript, Functional Programmings, Testing, mobile platforms, and a lot of other, just refer the link above.

These two days have allowed you dive into the whole new things around the software development and engineering. A lot of new interesting people with great knowledge of the CS with exciting demos about simple and hardcore techniques.

The most impressive demo I saw was made by Sam Aaron and Jonathan Graham. They were applying the arts of controllerism and live coding to weave immutable data structures into ephemeral sounds (description from their MetaeX website).

It's fantastic - you just need to write the code and your code generates music.

Brief video of what is it.

It is very important to push yourself out of comfort zone. I'm saying it again and again, and this event was not an exception.

First of all I was listening some talks about functional programming - Haskel, Lisp, Clojure are that languages. This really blows your mind. When people say all these words you do not understand it's very important to ask so many questions you can.

And the most important is that I was giving my first public talk.

As you can guess I chose .NET stage, and I was talking about the projects with old legacy code without tests. I was giving this talk inside my company some time ago, but this time I made a lot of improvements and additional notes to talk about. I was talking not only about the code and the approaches to deal with, but also about the risks, the team's habits, management and gave some brief history of our real life cases.

So, here is it:

(If you are interested to talk a little bit about things like this, feel free to ping me)

In conclusion

I can say that it was a great time. Thanks a lot to all people I met there. Thanks to the producer and organizers or this event. It was really hot at this conference.

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