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I'm @sstude, I'm a software developer. This is my blog where I post (sometimes :) notes about my dev life. Follow me on Twitter and don't hesitate to ask any questions or share any interesting ideas!

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This summer starts from HOTCODE conference

This summer has started from the hottest event I was attending last time. 5/31 .. 6/1 Kyiv was hosting the largest conference - HOTCODE Conference. It took two days and was great event with a lot of speakers and amazing talks. I can recall a lot of... Read more →

The simple way to get fakes done

One week ago I gave another talk inside our company. This time I also was talking about unit testing, but from the other point of view. You can guess from the title of this post, that the talk was about fake objects in unit testing and the way we... Read more →

Production code without tests

I'm happy to announce that I gave my first technical talk inside my company. Some time ago, just before I went to my bed, the brilliant idea came to my head. That idea was to create some sort of seminars inside the company to share the knowledge... Read more →